​Wash and Dry Coin Op Laundromat in Fresno, CA with Pickup & Delivery, Dry Cleaning, and Commercial Laundry Services

Sudz is a small, but sparkling clean and extremely safe laundry in Fresno, formerly known as Lucky Laundry. Our coin laundry laundromat in Fresno features Huebsch washers and dryers in all sizes, from a double load wash to large machines that do six loads of wash at one time! Our coin op laundry has plenty of parking so it's convenient for you! Our coin laundromat also offers wash and dry in Fresno. If you find yourself too busy to do your own laundry, just bring it to us. Sudz is the first laundromat in Fresno to offer pickup and delivery laundry service. Just schedule a pickup and we'll do the rest.

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Services Offered

Self Service Circle

Self Service Laundry

Machines in all sizes from a double load wash to six loads washed in one large machine!

Fluff And Fold Circle

Fluff & Fold

Just drop off your laundry to us and we will wash and fold it for you!

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Pickup & Delivery

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Commercial Laundry

FREE pickup for your business. We specialize in commercial laundry.


By Request
(One-time Pickup)
Per Pound

**10 Pound Minimum Order

Wash &
Fold Service
Per Pound

**$10 Pound Minimum Order

Weekly Pickup
Per Pound

**10 Pound Minimum Order

Self Service Laundry Prices

  • Double Loaders (2x) [6 Total] $2.25
  • Triple Loaders (3x) [4 Total] $3.25
  • Quadruple Loaders (4x) [4 Total] $4.25
  • Sextuple Loaders (6x) [2 Total] $6.25
  • 30-lb Dryers $0.25 (6 Minutes)

About Sudz

Downtown Fresno has the need for a great, clean and safe laundromat.  We are just getting married and decided to start our married life by purchasing Sudz.  We believe that we can influence our neighborhood in a very positive way by making this the best possible addition to the area.  Not only are we improving our laundromat, but we are adding wash and fold pickup and delivery for customers who just are too busy for the weekly chore of doing laundry.  We make doing laundry easy.  Just click the button below to schedule a pickup!  

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