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Commercial Linen Laundry Service

Places like restaurants, hotels, motels, Airbnbs and other types of vacation rentals all have to launder linens and they usually require a quick turnaround. It is important to not only get all those linens properly cleaned, but done quickly. Most hotels and motels have their own laundry room but a broken machine or an unexpected influx of guests may throw a wrench into your laundry schedule. Let Sudz help.

We use only premium laundry products when we wash your linens and we have commercial grade machines so your sheets, tablecloths and other items will always be thoroughly washed. We pickup and deliver to Fresno and the surrounding areas. Don't waste your time doing your business' laundry when we can do it for you. 

Linen Laundry Services you can expect:

  • Separate Laundering (we never mix your laundry with other clients)
  • A customized Pickup and Delivery Schedule
  • Quick and reliable turnaround times
  • Reasonable, Transparent Pricing

Restaurants must always present a clean, professional appearance. Otherwise your guests might question the cleanliness of your kitchen. Sudz will launder everything from your linen napkins to your seat cushions. Let us help you look your best.

Vacation rentals like Airbnbs and VRBOs and hotels and motels all have loads and loads of linens to launder. There are pillows, sheets, comforters, and blankets. We have professional launderers whose only job is to do your laundry. We also have large, industrial machines that can do large amounts of laundry at once. Put your laundry in our capable hands.

No, we know that as long as we provide you with impeccable service you will continue to stay with us.

No, we will never mix your laundry with another clients. We know this can cause cross contamination and laundry mix ups.

We use only premium brand products when we launder your linens. Our staff will spot treat, wash, dry and fold all your laundry. Your linens will be delivered to you carefully wrapped in plastic. 

Our laundry delivery service areas are as follows:

We are equipped to handle whatever type of linen laundry that you give us. The laundry service cost will depend on the amount of laundry and how often you require our service. Please click on the link below to request a quote.

Servicing Fresno and the surrounding areas.

Fresno, CA - Friant, CA - Clovis, CA